8:25 AM Classic Worship

We have two unique services each Sunday. Our 8:25 AM service meets on our upper floor in our traditional sanctuary, This service sings hymns and it led by our JOY Choir. 

10:45 AM Blended Worship

Our 10:45 AM service meets on our lower floor in our Schacht Ministry Center. This service is led by our praise band. In addition in our praise band, this service occasionally has our Celebration Choir and orchestra join in leading worship. 

9:35 AM Sunday School

Each Sunday at 9:35 AM we have a wide variety of Sunday School classes meeting. We have classes for people of all ages and walks of life. We have specific classes for our Preschool, Children, and Students. 


Preschool and Children

Our preschool and children meet from 6:00-7:30 PM in our KidZone. Each week they meet for our TeamKIDZchoir. These kids enjoy learning songs, playing games, memorizing scripture, and studying the Bible. 


Our students meet from 6:00-8:00 PM. They begin in our gym and then move to our student ministry area where they worship through music and the study of God’s word. They have a lot of fun while growing spiritually. 


Beginning May 2 we will have a variety of adult classes offered from 6:30-8:00 PM. All the adult classes will meet together at 6:30 PM in our sanctuary located on our upper level before splitting into the individual classes. May
The Battle Plan for Prayer will help individuals improve their prayer life. This class will meet in room 221 and will be led by Pastor Dave. It will cost $10 per person for the workbook. 
Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University will help individuals learn to manage their money. Regardless of your current financial state, this class will help you get to a better financial position. This class will be led by Charles Litton and will be located in Maslin Hall. The cost of this class is $104 per couple. 




How to Study the Bible




Our How to Study the Bible class will help individuals learn how to properly read, interpret, and understand the Bible. This class will be taught by Ted Blanton and will help you understand the variety of genres in the Bible and give you important questions to ask when you study God’s word. This class will cost $3 per person and will be located in Room 222. 




Personal Evangelism




Our Personal Evangelism class will help individuals learn to share their faith better. Each of us are called to share the gospel with others and this class will help teach you ways you can do it effectively. This class will be led by Pastor Charlie and will meet in Room 218. There is no cost for this class. 




Bible Study and Prayer Time




If none of these classes interest you, we will also offer our traditional bible study and prayer time. This group will meet in our sanctuary and will be led by Pastor Bill. There is no cost for this class.