Nursery & Preschool
Infants to Pre-K5
Rooms 210-215 // Julie Ackley, Dona Jimenez,
Judy Linton, Makayla Allman
K5-1st Grade: Room 204 // Cathy & Jeff Brown
2nd-3rd Grade: Room 202 // Jill Alvarez
4th-5th Grade: Room 201 // Amy & Jonathan Rockstraw
Middle School Girls: Room 108 // Lynn May
Middle School Guys: Room 115 // Chad Stapleton
High School Girls: Room 116 // Sarah Austin
High School Guys: Room 110 // Chad Stapleton
College Class
For young adults around college age to study God’s Word and explore tough questions.
Room 217 // Steve Sparks
For young adults, and parents with children, who desire community as they study God’s Word.
Room 218 // Clay Littleton
For women to build community as they explore the Bible and allow God to lead their journey.
Room 125 // Sandy Fickas
Just for Women
For women of diverse ages and backgrounds who prefer a class for women only.
Room 208 // Nancy Everson
GUY Class (God Understands You)
For men of all ages growing in God’s Word with prayer, fellowship, and fun.
Room 101 (Choir Room) // Glenn Welborn
Shepherd’s Training Class
For men who desire to obediently serve the Lord and seek to make the gospel known.
Room 216 // Franklin Grant
Timothy Class
For adults as they faithfully study the Bible verse by verse together in community.
Room 220 // Jim Finnamore
Heart n’ Soul
For adults as they faithfully study God’s word with joy, fellowship, and prayer.
Room 129 // Dave Rowland
Bible Class
For adults who enjoy a large class setting to faithfully study God’s Word and live life together.
Maslin Hall 223 // Fred Fosson
Gideon Class
For adults who desire a small, caring, and lively group to eagerly study God’s Word together.
Room 222 // Alvin Beverly
Kat Carr, Sunday School Director